My interview with Stephanie Ernst of The TAPS Support Foundation:

Kitty & Willow: How A Diagnosis Changes Everything

Feeling a little emotional.

My lovely friend and current Hero interviewed me for her organisations' blog, The TAPS support Foundation.

This, is one of two things I have been dealing with these past two weeks. The first issue you will also come to know about in good time and involves another one of my children

The second is new information to us but also very recently very suspected by us. I say new information but it is rather old in fact, very old one might say given what it means. it is 6 and a half years old and well overdue. A life-changing diagnosis at this point. thank god nothing life-threatening but at one point it was.

Now we continue to live with the impacts of this diagnosis. Hopefully, now we can get her the help Kitty needs. This is life-impacting, but with the right help and support, we hope she will go from strength to strength and grow into whoever she was meant to be all be it with some difficulties that will in some way continue to impact her life on a daily basis and currently ours.

This is a simple case of negligence, negligence that didn't need to happen.

Knowing how close I came to losing my twins has done two things. One makes me hold them all that bit closer but it also makes it another one of my life's missions to help raise awareness and prevent anything happening unnecessarily like this ever again to another beautiful child and their family as best I can even if it confuses others or offends them.

Read more about this on Stephanie Ernst Twins support Foundation Website

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